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Palm Beach Chess Legal Notice


Effective March 1, 2018


Palm Beach Chess is a national organization based in Florida that serves local independent member schools & organizations.

Each Palm Beach Chess organization is a separate legal entity; is governed by an independent director, executive committee or other governing body; and is solely responsible for its own affairs, including, but not limited to, matters of safety; compliance with federal, state and local laws; physical facilities; uses of technology, finances; policies and programs and personnel policies and decisions. Each Local Palm Beach Chess subsidiary has sole authority to hire, to terminate, to prescribe the duties of and to establish the terms of employment of its employees and officers.

The national Palm Beach Chess Chess organization has no authority with respect to employment policies or decisions of Local Palm Beach Chess subsidiaries. Accordingly, each Palm Beach Chess subsidiary controls its own affairs and Palm Beach Chess does not control and cannot be held responsible for the actions of Subsidiaries of Palm Beach Chess.


Palm Beach Chess Privacy Policy:

This information is provided by Palm Beach Chess ("PBC"). PBC does not intend to collect personal information outside of health and safety to protect our members. Our information collection practices are described below. While we encourage children to visit our site and learn more about our programs, we recommend, however, that parents approve and closely supervise the activity of their children at this and all other online sites. We urge children to check with their parents before entering information on any website and we urge parents to discuss with their children restrictions regarding the online release of personal information to anyone they don't know.


The Information PBC Collects:

We respect your privacy as our online guest, and we will not collect any identifying or personal information about you while you are here except as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

PBC collects information in several ways from different parts of this site. PBC may collect personal information from you when you register with this site. PBC also may ask you for personal information at other times, such as when you ask a question or report a problem with this site. If you contact PBC, PBC may keep a record of that session or correspondence, including a record of your e-mail address. PBC may also occasionally ask users to complete surveys for research purposes. There also may be services on this site that require you to fill out an online form or send PBC an email message in order to utilize these services. PBC collects any information that you provide in such circumstances, including any personal information.

We may ask you for identifying and personal information to:

Invite you to receive periodic e-mail updates about our progress: When you accept, or "opt in," we ask you to give us your e-mail address and respond to some questions that help us tailor our information to your interests. You can "opt out" of receiving these periodic updates at any time.

Processing any online donations you make to PBC: When you donate to honor someone else, we do not use the information you give us about that person for any other purpose.

Accepting your online "registration" at our site: When you agree to give us identifying and personal information, you are giving that information only to PBC and the parties (typically your child’s school) we have involved in operating this site. You are giving it solely to enable the services this site provides.

Processing registration information for online sweepstakes or contests on the PBC website: When you agree to give us identifying and personal information, you are giving that information only to PBC and the parties we have involved in operating this site. You are giving it solely to enable the services this site provides.

This list is not exhaustive, but meant to give the website user an idea of the data collecting on this website.


How PBC Uses the Information It Collects:

PBC uses the information it collects through this site to improve its marketing and promotional efforts, to improve its content, and to customize this site's services, content, and layout. PBC may provide the information it collects through this site to PBC's business partners, and to third parties who provide services on PBC's behalf. PBC may use the information it collects through this site to inform you of new services, changes, or promotions. We will not disclose your personal information collected through this site to third parties except as described in this Privacy Policy without first informing you of such change in our disclosure practices and providing you a choice regarding such disclosure.

PBC understands the importance of privacy and confidentiality to users of this site.  From time to time, CC may share donor names and mailing addresses with other reputable nonprofit organizations on a limited basis in exchange for limited access to the names and addresses of their constituents.  We have found this is a cost-effective method of reaching additional potential constituents. These organizations will not have continued access to your name and address unless you choose to respond to their initial mailing.  We do not share email address data in connection with this list exchange.

We respect our donors’ choices and control over their information.  You, as a donor, may, at any time, have your name excluded from any donor list exchange activity.  To ask that your name be excluded from list exchange activity or to otherwise change how PBC contacts you, please email us at

PBC may disclose information it collects through this site when required to do so by a court, regulatory agency, subpoena, law, regulation, or other body of competent jurisdiction and authority, and for administrative and other purposes that PBC deems necessary to maintain, service, and improve its products and services and to protect its rights and property. Finally, if you become involved in any violation of security, violation of this website's Terms of Use, or violation of any party's or third party's rights, PBC may release information about you to assist in investigating, resolving, or remediation any such incidents.


Privacy Practices of Other Sites:

This Privacy Policy only address the use and disclosure of information PBC collects online through this site, not information that PBC collects through other sources. For your convenience, this site may contain links, or addresses, that you can simply click to open other useful sites where we do not control the content or privacy policy. Carefully review the approach these sites take to your privacy before you use them or provide them with information.

We assume no liability for any unauthorized actions of third parties or accidental transmission errors that may disclose information about you, and PBC is not responsible for these other sites' privacy practices, which may be different from PBC's privacy practices.


​PBC Legal Release:

I agree to hold harmless Palm Beach Chess and their officers, employees, agents and volunteers against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, liabilities, and judgments of every kind and nature and regardless of the merit of the same, arising out of or in any way connected with the participation in the Palm Beach Chess sponsored events, activities, programs, and excursions.


Marketing Release:

I allow the above named minor to participate in all Palm Beach Chess activities and allow the Club and its partners to use photographs on my child for publicity purposes.

Late Pick-up Policy:

In the past we had a few parents who picked up their child late at the end of the class. Per our policy, we cannot just leave the children at the school sites by themselves. Coaches need to supervise them at all times. The late pick up has really caused an inconvenience to the. The following late pick up policy is enforced at all schools with no exceptions: Picking up child after chess club:

00-05 mins: no extra charge
06-20 mins: $10 extra charge
20-30 mins: $20 extra charge
30-60 mins: $45 extra charge


After School Refund Policy:

100% after first class, 50% after second class, 0% after third class No refund for missed classes.
No refund for early leave.


Disciplinary Information & Policy:

We understand that when people are brought together, there are always possibilities of conflicts arising. We will always try to encourage members to talk and find possible solutions. However sometimes disciplinary action up to suspension shall be imposed when other means of correction fail to bring about proper conduct.

We implement a positive behavioral model for resolving conflict. When positive intervention fails, understand that we reserve the right to remove a student who threatens the learning of other students in the group and the overall integrity of the program.​



In order to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all members, staff and volunteers, of PBC administers the following disciplinary policies and procedures:

1.       Palm Beach Chess enforce the following four (4) codes of conduct:


1.)       Respect yourself and other members.


2.)       Respect for all staff and volunteers as employees and program leaders.


3.)       Respect for Club facilities and equipment.


4.)       The following are strictly prohibited:


a)     Cursing, swearing, racial remarks, or any other form of verbal abuse.


b)     Fighting or any other form of physical abuse.


c)     Use, or possession of controlled substances, weapons, and intoxicants.  Smoking, chewing or any other use of tobacco products.


d)     Music containing inappropriate or suggestive language.


2.       Member behavioral infractions related to substance and alcohol use:


a)       Staff identification of situation or activity:


(1)     Staff or member may witness or observe activity and share with full-time staff.


(2)     Staff consultation with involved parties:  assess situation, review behavioral contract, expulsion from Club and contacting parent.  In accordance to guidelines for discipline; item #3.


(3)     Parent / Staff meeting:  discuss activity, review behavioral contract, referral to counselor.


(4)     Family / Counselor meeting:  staff may be present, review activities and make referral to community agencies and services.


(5)     Follow-up meeting:  staff and family establish behavioral contract and return date of member into the program.


Note:  If the terms of the behavioral agreement are not met by the member and their family, membership rights at the Club may be revoked indefinitely.


3.       Infraction of any of the above, or any other action deemed inappropriate, may result in the following procedures:


(1)     Discussion:  warning and description of the inappropriate action and guidance to avoid reoccurrence.


(2)     Time out:  seating for specific period in a specific place.


(3)     Suspension:  One (1) to three (3) day suspension from the Clubs and return only after the parent/guardian confers with staff.


(4)     Expulsion:  removal from the club for specific period, indefinitely, or permanently with reinstatement considered following a parent/guardian conference with staff.


4.       Immediate suspension or expulsion may result in any situation where, in the judgement of staff, the safety of any individual is at-risk.


5.       Any time a child is removed from the program, staff will make all efforts to notify a parent/guardian or other responsible family members, or emergency contact.


6.       Overtime:  Any child still at the program upon or after closing may be dealt with in the following manner:


(1)     Contact parent/guardian or other responsible family members for pick-up.


(2)     Contact emergency contact for pick-up


(3)     Contact school services for pick-up


(4)     Contact legal authority (CPS or local police department)


7.       Program staff are not responsible for, and will not, provide transportation to and from the program or any other destination.


8.       It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to assure their child is physically and emotionally capable of properly functioning in the groups’ interactive atmosphere prior to enrolling in membership and daily visitation.


9.    The program is not equipped to effectively deal with profound disciplinary problems.  The program may act as a referral service to other more appropriate agencies and services.


a)       The program has an Open Door Policy.  Members are free to come and go as they please.  Staff does not grant permission to leave nor do we insist that children stay.  Arrival and departure is a matter strictly between parent/guardian and child.


10.    The program enforce the following dress policy:


(1)     Shirt and shoes must be worn.


(2)     Staff will use their professional judgement and discretion in dealing with other dress issues i.e., hats, bandanas, skirts, pants, shorts, tops, or other identification etc.


Allergy Notification:

If your child has allergies, please discuss them in detail with the Site Director or Authorized staff. For food allergies, a written description signed by parent and doctor must be on file and updated every year. If proper documentation is not filed, Palm Beach Chess will not be held liable for any issue resulting from lack of information provided by parents during the registration process.

COVID19 Agreement:

Due to the risks of illness with COVID19 Palm Beach Chess staff have been trained with safety measures in place for student and their own safety. Staff showing any symptoms of illness will cancel the classes until a clean bill of health is verified from a medical professional. If a child is showing any symptoms of COVID19 we require that they do not attend chess club until a clean bill of health is verified by a medical professional.

Information Agreement:

If any of my contact information changes during the course of the year, I will inform Palm Beach Chess. I also acknowledge that Palm Beach Chess is not a licensed day care program and under penalty of perjury, I certify that the information provided to Palm Beach Chess in registration is true and correct.


Contacting PBC About Your Personal Information:

If you would like to review the personal information that PBC has collected about you through this site or registration in order to verify its accuracy and completeness, or if you have a question or complaint regarding PBC's privacy practices, or to request that PBC delete your personal information from its records, please contact PBC at


Changes to This Privacy Policy:

PBC may revise this Privacy Policy at any time by updating this posting. Please consult this Privacy Policy regularly.


Last updated: May 1, 2020

© Palm Beach Chess. All rights reserved.

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