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Opening Oddities

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The course that has something for everyone: NM Bryan Tillis brings you Openings Oddities - and half the proceeds go to charity.

NM Tillis presents a masterclass in tackling the weird sidelines White can throw at you when you play Black.

Our smooth-talking Floridian has all the neat transpositions and the crushing attacks to leave your opponent dazed and confused.

If White wants to surprise you, know how to hit back hard!

Under the cover, you will find:


✔️Nimzo-Larsen 1.b3
✔️The Bird 1.f4 (1...Nh6 & Sicilian GP Attack)
✔️English 1.c4 (1...e5 Karpov Variation & Sidelines)
✔️Van't Kruijs 1.e3 (1...e5 & Exchange French)
✔️Saragossa Opening 1.c3 (Torre, Colle, London)
✔️Van Geet 1.Nc3 (Versov & Many King Pawn Systems)
✔️1.g3 & 1.d3 Benko & Miesis (King's Indian Attack & Transpositions)
✔️Catalan (Open & Side Variations)

The Oddities:

✔️Sokolsky/Polish Opening 1.b4
✔️Grob Attack 1.g4

The Truly Odd:

✔️Ware Opening 1.a4
✔️Andersson 1.a3
✔️Barnes 1.f3
✔️Amar 1.Nh3
✔️Clemenz 1.h3
✔️Desperez 1.h4
✔️Sodium Attack 1.Na3

Don't be caught unawares! Let NM Tillis, the author of Master the French Defense, and Alekhine Defense - The Dark Knight Rises, guide you through every little sideline you could possibly need to know.

Half the proceeds earned by the author will go to Susan G Komen for the Cure, the world's largest breast cancer charity. It is a cause close to NM Tillis.

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