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Become A Chess Champion - Definitive Edition

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In the modern age, chess books for beginners have been written and published in mass. While they are often well written and well intentioned, they were seldom written by an author with credentials in both Chess and Education.

• FIDE Trainer • USCF National Master • Board Certified Educator • IB PYP & MYP Certified

Become a Chess Champion was written to stray from age old thought and process for learning the game of chess. The author researched over 100 of the top rated beginner chess books and found the same examples and methodology being written by nearly all the authors.

Why is Become A Chess Champion different? The text was developed through trial and error with students at Franklin Academy in Palm Beach Gardens from 2014-2018. This volume is the complete and definitive edition with the ability to take a student from interest to tournament competitor.

Are you ready to begin your journey to “Become A Chess Champion?”

“True champions aren’t always the players that walk away with the win. Being a champion is a lifelong endeavor of facing defeat and rising up to meet the challenge. Each day I am inspired by the effort of my students and we will continue to work…” Bryan Tillis

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