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Frequently Asked       Questions

1. With all of the options for my child, why chess?


Each of our instructors lives have been positively changed through their experience with chess. Here are the academic, social, and overall benefits for your child’s life:




1. Improves math and reading skills.    
2 .Boosts memory and retention.
3. Cultivates problem solving ability, analytical skills and critical thinking.
4 .Increases visualization and imagination.
5. Rewards patience and persistence.
6. Teaches good sportsmanship in a group environment.



2. What do you offer in your after school program? 

We come to you for the lessons at your child’s school. The time of a lesson is roughly split between formal instruction and practice through play using what was learned. Most sessions are 1 hour long.



3. What makes your program different from other chess companies?


Unlike our competitors we do not use a one size fits all approach with chess education. Our founder is a certified teacher, a chess master, and has taught in pure chess classroom at a charter school with five years of experience. The curriculum has been designed through trial and error with different age groups teaching roughly 10,000 students how to play chess. The major defining difference is the pride we have in our differentiation making sure that every student (regardless of skill level or age) grows from the lessons.


We have many example lessons for review on YouTube: Palm Beach Chess

4. What will my child learn? 

The possibilities are limitless through chess. Not only will your child’s pattern recognition be enhanced helping with problem solving skills, but also character building. There are many academic and social benefits to chess that we teach in our intellectual enrichment classes.


You can find scholarly articles here on the benefits of chess: Chess Benefits 



5. What do I need to bring for a class or private lesson? 

Nothing - we provide all equipment: chess sets, boards, curriculum, and trained staff to teach!

6. Is financial aid available? 

We offer financial assistance to deserving families because we want to make our program available to everyone. In order to qualify for financial aid and to offer financial aid on a uniform and unbiased basis, we ask parents to submit their proof for their child to participate in the free or reduced lunch program or provide an explanation of their situation of need. Your information will be confidential to the school and Palm Beach Chess program.


7. What is the chess playing skill of your staff?

We have instructors that have not played in tournaments all the way up to Grand Masters. Palm Beach Chess feels that the needs of students vary and different instructors are more qualified based off the social and developmental needs of students.


8. Why would I want anything but a Grand Master teaching my child?

We get this question quite a bit. Let me pose a question in turn: Have you ever met someone so smart or specialized that they can’t concisely and lucidly explain what they do, much less teach the concept? Take an Albert Einstein for instance. One of the greatest math minds of all time, but he needed to paint his door pink to find his home. Not all chess players are presenters, public speakers, or teachers. Most only have a skill set based on what worked for them and their development.


Do not get us wrong, some students need a GM teacher, we feel that 99% do not.


We have the belief that all students should be trained from an approach that most meets their needs by qualified educators who have a large amount of teaching experience. Time is not wasted, and your child gets lessons developed for their own personal growth. No lesson structure is the same for any child.


9. What is the cost of your lessons?

We have a range of instructors ready to meet your child’s needs. We go through an interview process with parents to find which instructor from our staff will be the best fit.


Our lessons range from $40/1hr to $100/1hr based off the instructors experience and success record.


10. Do you have any publications of your materials and events?

Yes! We have a curriculum text on seen here:.



We also have many articles published on US Chess from previous events:

10. Your Question here?

Can't find what you were looking for? Email us to and we'll post your question here.

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