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Differentiation Through Technology

No class will ever be the same, along with our curriculum text: Become A Chess Champions: Definitive Edition we use a wide variety of resources in and out of the class in order to reach students. In the modern age where students are constantly using their phones here are some free resources that can get your students engaged and involved in their learning process. is the best free resource for learning piece movement and basic chess training. 1.JPG
knight move.JPG
Checkmate Practice.JPG

Accompanying the training are our free lessons on YouTube:

Professional Development

With so many chess resources available,we can help you in selecting beginning, intermediate, and advanced resources to be able to differentiate instruction to different ages and ability levels. 

Want to start a chess club? We will be more than happy to bring one of our Palm Beach Chess certified instructors to provide Professional Development for your teachers.


Want to initiate a teacher lead program? We strongly suggest looking into A GUIDE TO SCHOLASTIC CHESS  It covers how to organize a school chess club, run tournaments, keep interest high, and generate parental and public support. We very much piggyback off of this excellent tried and tested document. In our courses for educators, we will assist teachers in taking students from interest to tournament players and go step by step through this process. The best part of our system, it does not require the educator to have a large knowledge of chess, just piece movement!

For more in-depth information on starting an after school program, contact us.

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